heather richey
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Heather has been writing music since she was a child. As the fifth child of twelve, Heather has enjoyed singing with family. Given the advice to not let her children get in the way of her music career, Heather has found that her children are her music. In 1996 Heather released her first album, "A Touch of Heaven." Deseret Book sold her second album "Hold Your Light Up" in 2005. With a growing family Heather and released her third album, "Every Footstep" in 2007. Heather has been a pageant/talent director, coach, and title holder. Heather has performed at Oklahoma City, Boise Idaho, Thatcher Arizona, Illinois, Martins Cove, California, Canada, Tahitian Nony, Thanks Giving Point, Temple Square, and The Sunflower Orphanage in Peru. She is the mother of eight children. Heather's hobbies include reading, making banana bread, watching classic movies with her family, and dating her husband Sam. She is also a speaker and advocate for children

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